23rd January
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Photo Diary app wins York prize

Friday, 20th January 2012

A group of York students has won the opportunity to have their very own I-phone application developed after winning The App Challenge final, held at the Ron Cooke Hub on Wednesday, January 18.


Students warned about loans scam

Thursday, 19th January 2012

YUSU Welfare officer Bob Hughes has warned students to be vigilant after a student loans phishing scam has been revealed.

Her Most Gracious Majesty

Queen Comes to York

Wednesday, 18th January 2012

Her Majesty the Queen will be visiting York on Maundy Thursday, 5th April, as part of the 800th anniversary of York’s Charter for the traditional “Royal Maundy” ceremony.

Berrick Saul

Flooding Triggers Network Outage On Eve Of Exams

Saturday, 14th January 2012

A flood caused by a heating system “failure” forced the university IT services to shut down many essential systems on Sunday night, causing problems for many students on the eve of their exams and assignment due-dates.

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Central Hall & North side of the lake

We have a pirate president!

Mad Captain Tom Scott
Winner: Mad Captain Tom
Saturday, 8th March 2008
The Yorker team complete their live coverage by bringing you the news that our new SU team is to be led by a pirate.

1:35: To Summer of 69, we finish our coverage. Check back over the next few days for further coverage and comments.

1:30: SU President candidate Nadz Kunwar tells The Yorker: "I've had so much fun campaigning, it's a shame to lose."

pirate wins
The pirate wins the SU election

1:20: The Yorker secured the first quote from our new SU President, when we asked how he felt. He replied: "I'm about to pass out."

01:18: Joe Clarke said: "At this time, it seems like a mockery." However, Tom Scott said: "People keep asking me, am I going to take the job and the answer is Yes. I be doing the best damn job I can."

01:14: And now for the big one... 2984 people voted for this postion. AMC described having to announce this fact as her proudest moment as president. The winner is Mad Captain Tom Scott. Some members of the audience are singing "We want our vote back". Theresa Dolan said: "This uni is a sham!"



  • Tom Scott
  • Laura Payne
  • Nadz Kunwar

The winner is Mad Captain Tom

01:03: Matt Burton becomes the first officer to serve two years running. He said: "I'd like to thank all my campaigners. I really think I can do it. Thank you very much to my Sabbs, everyone has been really really supportive, even the people at the front. Thanks, enjoy the night." A song specially requested by Matt Burton is played. No one at The Yorker has a clue what it might be. Joe Clarke said: "A landslide victory for the deserving candidate."

Services and Finance


  • Matt Burton
  • James E J Thompson
  • Nick Bradley

The winner is Burton

12:54: Current AU President Jo Carter has explained the situation. A drunk member of the audience pressed a button on the slide. They went through normally as they were unsure how many members of the audience had seen the slide. Carter has been round and apologised personally to all candidates. Doorsafe are now guarding the computer to avoid the event happening again.

12:51: AMC was just spotted falling into the recycling bins. We're currently trying to get hold of her for a reply.

12:47: Sam McCormmick said: "It's a disgrace that they didn't offer an apology, they should have rushed through the results rather than brush them under the carpet. They're messing with people's lives there."

12:42: We're almost there folks, only two more results to announce. However, we're thirsty, will someone buy us a pint?

12:37: AMC told the audience ex-Academic and Welfare officer Grace Fletcher-Hackwood texted in and said: "This is the best job in the Union." AMC added: "I agree with her, it is the best job, and the most important." The post got a large number of votes with 2373 votes cast.

Academic and Welfare Officer


  • Alan Duffell
  • Charlie Leyland
  • Matthew Pallas

The winner is Leyland

12:34: Mad Captain Tom said: "Someone just described me as a walking spoilt ballot paper."

12:33: The results have now been announced officially. After first round Collinson 535, Lacy 642, Coney 545. After second round Collinson 593, Lacy 662, Coney 563. Third round Collinson 658, Lacy 723, Coney 606. Last round is Collinson 790, Lacy 856. Lacy wins an extremely close contest.

12:29: Another unfortunate mistake... Result went up before any annoucements were made. Alex Lacy is new AU president

AU President


  • Alex Lacy
  • Jack Kennedy
  • Aimee Gamble
  • Chris Collinson
  • Max Coney

The winner is Alex Lacy

12:25: New Ents Officer Naomi says she feels "OK", then "Good" and finally settles for "Excited about the year to come". Baywatch themes comes on. It's like Toffs on a Tuesday night, except I'm using my laptop and nowhere near as drunk...

12:09: Shanks, who won with yet another convincing result, told the audience: "Thank you very much. I'd like to thank all those who have voted for me and have helped me along the way. I'd like to thank my house, my OTC attachment, the campaigns we all ran were great, which is great for communications."

more sodding elections
Rory Shanks talks to the Yorker

Societies and Communications


  • Matt Harris
  • Chaz Taylor
  • Rory Shanks

The winner is Shanks with 923 votes, above the threshold of 871 and half.

12:06: With a massive threshold of 927, Jamie Tyler won SDC with a landslide 937 votes, without the need for a second round of voting. The Derwent crowd chants "Tyler, Tyler, Tyler". Tyler said: "You guys are all amazing, I love you all." Witts won James College, the only one Tyler failed to win.

Student Development and Charities


  • Jamie Tyler
  • Sarah Witts
  • Fran Olley

The winner is Jamie Tyler

11:55: Rich Croker, ex-YUSU President tells us: “I don’t think students are voting for the pirate, they’re voting for RON. The pirate is the new RON. Students aren’t voting for him as a candidate, more someone who isn’t the typical SU.”

Prior to the Presidential Battle of Croker’s era, the exit poll had never been wrong. After a change from a three-day analysis of 300 votes, to a one day, 100-sample exit poll, the result was wrong in its first year (the election of 2006/7). Although Croker said: “A win of a maximum of 10% on the exit poll gives you your winner.”

11:43: Langrish told the audience: "I don't think the result actually reflects the level of effort put into the election." Meanwhile the pirate and his crew are tearing the dancefloor to pieces with their probably illegal moves.

11:40: The results coming thick and fast. Langrish and Batula miss first round of voting by 1.5 votes despite winning in every college except James College, but end up winning in the second round by a landslide.

Langrish and Batula win Policy and Campaigns

Policy and Campaigns


  • John Heritage & Chris Etheridge
  • Kate Evans & Emily Cousins
  • Lisa Clague & Laura Vitty
  • Tom Langrish & Michael Batula

The winners are Langrish and Batula with 963 votes after the second round of voting. The next best got 379.

11:36: AMC has a slip-up and effectively announces the results for Racial Equality before giving the college break down.

Environment and Ethics


  • John Nicholls & Joe Thwaites
  • Lena Jeha
  • Tom Barnes & Ed Morrison
  • RON

The winners are Nicholls and Twaites.

Racial Equality Officers


  • Nadia Aziz & John Apea
  • Iman Khabireh & Marat Omarov
  • RON

The winners are Aziz and Apea by 289 votes.

Adam Wiles and campaigners celebrate

11:30: Adam Wiles, new Student Action Chair tells us: "I want to follow on from our fantastic previous Chair."

11:26: Crowd favourite Umbrella comes on. We love it.

11:23: The SDC exit Poll suggests Jamie Tyler to win with 51% of the votes, followed by Sarah Witts with 22% and Fran Olley with 21%. Tyler isn't taking anything for granted.

11:12: Helen Adams, the new RAG President, who dyed her hair blonde as part of her campaign announces: "RAG is going to be amazing this year!" Meanwhile the crowd (and The Yorker team) bop along to a bit of Avril Lavigne.

11:07: RAG Pres is a close one. New Student Action Chair Adam Wiles said: "Thank you very much everyone, I'd like to give a big thank you to the voters, and especially my campaign team."

RAG President


  • Alexander Fink
  • Helen Adams
  • RON

The winner is Adams with 1162 against 873 for Fink

Student Action Chair


  • Adam Wiles
  • RON

The winner is Adam Wiles with 1221 out of 1439 votes.

10:59 Member of the audience Nick Connell said: "Why do we have to wait until 1am to find out who gets president?"

10:46: Rhianna Kinchin is feeling fantastic after beating RON.

10:44: Some more results for you. Ben Humpries said: "In your face RON."

Entertainments Officers


  • Dods and Durkin
  • RON

The winner is Dods and Durkin with 1470 out of 1752 votes.

The new LGBT officers celebrating

LGBT Officer


  • Sarah Fennell & Ben Humphrys
  • RON

The winner is Sarah Fennel and Ben Humphrys with 1278 out of 1509 votes.

10:33: Rory Shanks is "Loving Nadz"

10:21: Nadz Kunwar just told us: "Matt Burton looks amazing. Not."

10:29: It's all kicking off now!

Women's Officer


  • Harrison and McIntosh
  • RON

"The winners are Harrison and McIntosh.

Training Officers


  • Kinchin and Kerrigan
  • RON

The winners are Kinchin and Kerrigan with 1230 votes.

AMC takes to the stage

NUS Delegate


  • Michael Wood
  • Laura Payne
  • Matthew Pallas
  • Andy Dixon
  • Matt Burton
  • David Levene
  • Sam Bayley
  • Tom Langrish

The winners are Laura Payne, Matt Burton, Tom Langrish, Matthew Pallas, David Levene, Andy Dixon and Michael Wood.

10:11: Charlie Leyland has told us she got 62% in her exit poll, but isn't counting her chickens for Academic and Welfare. She says: "I just want to know". Meanwhile Aimee Gamble, surprise entrant in the race for the AU told us that her nomination was all down to Matthew Pallas. She gave her blank nomination form to Pallas who signed her up - she says her aim for the night is to simply beat RON (as she isn't actually a member of the AU).

10:09: The announcer has requested "everyone to report to the dancefloor". Currently no one has responded, in fact Joey Ellis and Matt Burton have just departed.

10:05: Mitch: Yes I do. Anon: Official times are 12.15am for AU and 1am for SU President. As the event is running over half an hour late, I couldn't possibly say.

10:00: Alex Lacey is feeling "slightly perturbed".

9:58: The Yorker are in situ, Sarah Witts, running for SDC says she feels "calm" whilst Nick Bradley, Services and Finance Candidate, is feeling the nerves.

9:50: Here we are, finally in. The event is running late, so you'll find out about results as soon as they come in. Feel free to post comments below as we go along!

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#1 Richard Mitchell
Sat, 8th Mar 2008 5:00am

Got a laptop in Derwent Dom? :p

#2 Anonymous
Sat, 8th Mar 2008 5:03am

When are you expecting AU and SU presidents to be announced? Ta

#3 Anonymous
Sat, 8th Mar 2008 5:07am

Great service guys well done!

#4 Anonymous
Sat, 8th Mar 2008 5:10am

Love the spying side of all of this!

#5 Anonymous
Sat, 8th Mar 2008 5:11am

Typical of them to drag it out all night!

Comment Deleted comment deleted by the author
#7 Richard Mitchell
Sat, 8th Mar 2008 5:15am

Very disappointed with RON's performance in the exit polls. I guess he's overstretched himself again this year by running for every position. When will he learn?

#8 Anonymous
Sat, 8th Mar 2008 5:22am
  • Sat, 8th Mar 2008 5:22am - Edited by the author

Nadz drunk?

#9 Richard Mitchell
Sat, 8th Mar 2008 5:26am

Hang on #8, you have to be drunk to find Matt Burton unattractive..? :p

#10 Anonymous
Sat, 8th Mar 2008 5:29am

ah i see lol!

#11 Richard Mitchell
Sat, 8th Mar 2008 6:02am
  • Sat, 8th Mar 2008 6:04am - Edited by the author

To answer Nick's question: so Matt Burton has plenty of money raised by Derwent tonight to spend on Langwith next year :p

[EDIT] Just realised how little sense that makes.

#12 Anonymous
Sat, 8th Mar 2008 6:13am

The winner is Adams with 1162 against 873 for Adams??????????

#13 Dominic Freeston
Sat, 8th Mar 2008 6:14am

Sorry about that, fixed now!

Comment Deleted comment deleted by the author
#15 Anonymous
Sat, 8th Mar 2008 6:28am


#16 Richard Mitchell
Sat, 8th Mar 2008 6:37am

You know voting closed already, right, #15?

#17 Richard Mitchell
Sat, 8th Mar 2008 6:49am

P.S. I want the next videocast to be of pirate dance moves...

Comment Deleted comment deleted by the author
#19 Chris Northwood
Sat, 8th Mar 2008 6:52am

You want it so much you posted twice!

#20 Anonymous
Sat, 8th Mar 2008 6:59am

so, who's the next president?

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